• Progressions, Drills and Spotting for all the events2014 08 02 (Secret US Classic - 088)
  • How to pass the Elite Compulsories
  • The Elite Routine Requirements for each event
  • The 8 highest level skills on each event
  • Round-off Vault: 1/1, and drills to lead to 2/1 then 2 1/2.  Then the second vault.
  • A stock bar routine to enter into HOPES, Developmental, and International levels
  • Hands on training for releases and circles on UB
  • All the drills to learn the skills to develop a great Beam routine for all levels
  • Advanced leaps for Elite and Level 10
  • The importance of artistry in Elite on BB and FX
  • What tumbling passes you need for Elite
  • The Judging side of Elite and JO
  • How to develop a competitive gymnasts from the ground up
  • All the conditioning needed to make great gymnast
  • How to create flexibility that is needed for all levels, both active and passive
  • How to use mental training from the start. You train the brain with the body
  • Strategies for training to compete successfully
  • And much, much, more!!!